Sunday, 17 June 2012

Pointless QR code on Father's Day

I actually a QR code fan I even have them on the back of my business cards. But sometimes..just sometimes I wonder about the sanity of the marketers who use them

Of course Father's Day is upon is this weekend and being a grateful son, went out to buy a card the other day.

I chose the image below as my dad loves his garden, so it felt appropriate


Now on the back of this, while checking out the price..sorry Dad..I noticed the QR code


Scan me , watch me?

I tried.

Now of course, the card still being in the cellophane wrapper I couldn't get to scan it properly but I bought the card nevertheless.

I got home and tried the code again, and this redirected me here

I just thought..huh? What was the point of that?

I've just sent my dad a physical Fathers Day card. Mainly because he is of an age where he still appreciates a physical card ( funnily enough so does my 13 year old daughter). So what is the card with a QR code trying to do? Its not even as if the video is some how related to the image I had specifically chosen for my dad.

Are you trying to convince me to move over to e-cards?

Is it meant to make my father think, great son, he said Happy Fathers Day twice?

Can we think about technology before we run headlong into applying anything to everything?

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