Friday, 22 June 2012

Behavioural Marketing eCRM and Euro 2012

eCRM marketing programs based on behaviour will outperform those based on past purchase of declared data

That was one of the take outs from a webinar I attended this week, presented by Lyris and Forrester ( checkout #Lyriswebinar on Twitter)

For those of you that noticed by post that had nothing to do with eCRM this week, you may have noticed a slight allegiance to the Italian football team. I may even have purchased some Italian sports kit from Puma in the past

Well, during the last couple of weeks, I may have also spent some time browsing at the Italian products on the Puma website.

So ,despite the fact that 8 teams have qualified for the Euro 2012 Quarter Finals, it was good to see this subject line in my inbox

That was sure to get me to open ( although the key ring was superfluous, maybe it was a test)

And that was followed up with a nice piece of tailoring with the Italian team being the first image - They can be forgiven for not having the actual starting line up that won the game to confirm qualification

As I haven't bought anything from Puma for quite a while, I'm going to assume they have looked at my recent web behaviour, although they may very well have taken both into consideration before targeting this content at me.

Anyway, top marks for segmentation and timing..not sure about those dodgy key-rings though

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