Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Symbols in Email Subject Lines

Let me say this once. Please don't

You know what I'm talking about right?
Some brands have decided that they need stand out in the inbox so are experimenting with adding symbols such as the one below in their subject lines

To me this is the equivalent to the unlucky sod who has to stand outside a restaurant handing out flyers trying to get you to go into eat food you have no interest in, or this retailers that feel the need to have a recorded voice blaring out onto the high street telling you that they are selling the cheapest used iPhones on the high street!

Shall I tell you how to get stand out in my inbox? Get a reputation for sending me content I am looking for. Don't worry about stand out with gimmicks, I'll come find you.

You might get short term success with the symbols but eventually every man and his dog will be doing it and my inbox will look a real mess!

Look at the Unicode chart below to see the options

Valentines everyone will add a heart
Winter Holidays will have the Skier
Summer Holidays will have the Sun
Delivery Info will have the Lorry


I have already vowed to unsubscribe from anyone that does it! Sorry SuperDry

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