Thursday, 31 May 2012

Behavioural Marketing Made Easier

Understanding how customers interact with the brand across multiple channels is increasingly the norm. But how do we create Behavioural Profiles and combine with Marketing Automation

I recently wrote a post on believing what customers do rather than what they say ( All Customers are Liars).
And our customer are 'doing' things or engaging with our brands in a variety of ways across a variety of channels.

This video from Silverpop highlights some of the data that can be collected and acted upon using their platform. Of course there are other platforms that can also help..but this is a great little intro into understanding individual's behaviour rather than general trends, allowing you to segment the individual or score the lead, and take action.

Now, if we can combine behaviour with customer mind set or intent at that moment we are onto something.

And as the presenter says, ..'Pretty cool huh?!'

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