Friday, 18 May 2012

Double Points at Participating Stores!. Great!! - INRS4

Costa Coffee Club eCRM Programme invites me to Double Points

As a regular coffee drinker, my Costa Coffee Club Card quite often gets let out of my back pocket. So I was very happy to get my Double Points offer in the latest email from Costa

I of course duly clicked on the link to be taken to the activation page, which can be seen below

On the plus side, I didn't have to do anything further to activate my card, it recognised me from the email. Lovely
Question do I recognise a 'participating store' ?  I'm assuming its a store that takes the card..or do some stores that take the card not participate in the programme?

There isn't a list on the website ( yes I can go to the Store Search and look for Coffee Club stores..but really?)

The FAQ's tell me I cant use the card everywhere

No, in participating stores only in England, Scotland and Wales. You will not be able to use the card in some of our corporate stores, for example ESSO and Odeon. We are working on this, so please look out for updated communications in these stores.

I still don't get if all non corporate stores accept the card. So I have to look out for posters or cards in store

Participating stores will display various posters inside and/or outside the store, such as on the external door, menu board and at the till points. If you're unsure, please ask a member of the in store team.

And... my bonus points don't show up on my receipt. So I have no idea either before or after the visit if I have any extra points for my extra visits to Costa (assuming that's what Costa want me to do, visit them more often than another coffee shop I more readily frequent).

I'd best visit Costa a couple of times and see what happens.

Oh and while we're here 2 more things Costa

  1. You recognise me via the email link as having a card, so why is the right hand pod asking me to register my card?
  2. I sometimes forget my card at home so I can't collect points. Why can't I add them later with my receipt?

But surely they could have made it maybe I'll stick with the sophisticated Cafe Nero card

After all, It's Not Rocket Science

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