Friday, 18 May 2012

Commuter Shopping with Peapod

Peapod the leading Internet grocer in the US Pilots Virtual Rail Program; Commuters Shop, Scan and Book Grocery Deliveries From Their Smartphones

We all lead busy lives and none more so than the commuters in the Chicago area. “Chicagoans spend, on average, more than an hour commuting to and from work each day.  That’s well over 200 hours a year in transit time alone,” said Elana Margolis, Peapod's Director of Corporate Communications

To help and make sure they don't run out of groceries, Peapod have set up larger than life virtual store shelves in a couple of busy locations.

The shelves are stocked with popular products from Coca-Cola, Barilla and Procter & Gamble that can be scanned and ordered via a smartphone.
Commuters are able to start shopping, amend lists and book deliveries

The App is available on both Apple and Android phones.

And the pilot runs off the back of a trial they ran in Philadelphia, described in the video below, working with Giant and Titan . There, commuters bought a wider selection of products and a with a bigger average basket size. 90% of commuters who scanned returned

Now of course not all organisations can help their customers in this way. It doesn't need to be on big scale with lots of budget.

As I wandered through my city centre last week, I came across this Estate Agent's window who made sure that just because they were closed you weren't able to view properties.

It doesn't have to be more sophisticated than that but Peapod's work ( very similar to the Tesco Korean example below ) is a great example of where physical meets digital to make lives easier

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