Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Power of Words

You have a few moments to grab my attention so using the right words is vital

The other day I wrote on a post on my favourite email subject line last week. Of course we know how important using the right words is, especially when we only have a couple of seconds to make an impact ( An A to Z of eCRM G is for Gladwell ). In fact the slight problem I highlighted with Kiehl's yesterday proved my point.

This is of course true in email subject lines and within the email, how we use copy in our Google Ads, the copy on the landing page we direct our prospects to.

I recently listened to a great session from Bryan Eisenberg on using Google and PPC to improve conversion rates and understanding your audience and using the right words was central to his message . Presentation below courtesy of Fusion Marketing Experience and J-P De Clerck

How to Use Google to Lift Your Conversion Rate
View more presentations from Fusion Marketing Experience / J-P De Clerck

But I think nothing sums it up more than this great video created by Purple Feather

Enough said/written

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