Tuesday, 8 May 2012

It's Not Rocket Science - 1

This will be a new series of posts highlighting elements of eCRM where brands kind of get it right..but then waste an opportunity to..well, sell me something. And as my first degree is in Astrophysics, the Rocket Science label works for me

I'm a frequent traveller on EastCoast Trains, usually between York and London. so, it makes sense for me to join their Loyalty Scheme. There isn't actually a real alternative ( sorry Grand Central but not enough departures) so I'm getting points for something I'm doing anyway although I do now book other rail operators through them as well.

Anyway, I like the idea that as I'm on the site they show me how many points I have...but look at the Ad beneath my points

Surely that was an opportunity to recognise me further and perhaps get me to redeem my points, encourage an upgrade, buy a refreshment voucher?

It's Not Rocket Science .

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