Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Fusion and the Road Map to Revenue

The Fusion Marketing Experience that I was lucky enough to moderate last week was topped and tailed by Kristin Zhivago, international revenue coach.

I had previously bought her book, 'Road Map to Revenue', where she lays out a simple to follow, but highly effective process to re-engineer the sales process by, wait for it, actually selling the way customers buy.

Kristin summarised her own presentation as follows:

Current customers will teach you how to sell to new customers
If you interview them the right way at the right time, 
   YOU can change your organization – 
   YOU can make it more customer-centric
Customers are ignoring marketing and sales and creating their own Customer Communities
Buying process has changed; marketing/sales haven’t
Anyone who doesn’t catch up fast will be beaten by competitors who get it
It's well worth reading

(This is actually a link to Amazon)

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