Monday, 28 May 2012

We've Made Shopping Easier

Burton recently made some improvements to the customer experience when shopping on line with them.

We've made shopping easier

1 - Chances are you've come to the Burton site to do some shopping, so why would the brand want to make it difficult for you to do the thing you want to do?

Some of the ugliest sites on the web are actually the best at what they do. Think Amazon, Google, Facebook.

As Gerry McGovern stated at the Fusion Marketing Experience event I attended last year, 

Ease of use is a tsunami ripping across the world. It is no longer a nice phrase, a nice to have. It is a vital necessity. If you don’t make it fast and easy you lose customers. Fact. The easier you make it the more customers you win. Fact. 

2 and 3 - yes we live in a digital world, but that doesn't mean we can ignore the physical world either. I often combine the digital and physical in my shopping experience to the extent that I order on line and pick up in store as that's convenient for me. In some instances I've even used the delivery locks used by both Amazon and Figleaves ByBox.

4 - Mobile is everywhere and if I am in desperate need of a pair of Burton carrot jeans then  giving me a simple , easy to use mobile site is key. According to this infographic from HighTable, 1/3 of consumers now cite mobile as their preferred shopping channel.


5 - With most of taking more notice of our peers than brands, ''
25% of consumers trust advertising, while more than 90% trust peer reviews'' (Edelman) and the e-tailing group stating that  ''Customers Reviews, Q&A, and Community Forums were the top 3 social tactics, respectively,that consumers say have the greatest impact on purchase decisions'' ,it make sense to add this functionality to the site. One of the real factors in Amazons success is the way they have used Ratings and Reviews to really help the consumer in their purchase.

I for one welcome all this good work by Burton, although I'm not sure I'm not going to be tempted by those shorts.

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